HMMT Puzzlehunt

November 2021

Ever wanted to go back to when things were different? To revisit the past? Come join the Puzzle Hunt, where we'll be time-traveling through an important section of history often overlooked by your teachers: HMMT! Time-travelers can work together in groups of 4 to compete for a special prize!


There will be 4 puzzles

whose answers will be used to solve the meta puzzle: Time Machine. Each answer will be a two-word phrase. The puzzles can be found by clicking on the links at the top of the page.


After 30 minutes, teams can receive up to 5 yes/no hints (HMMT staff answers only in yes's or no's) per puzzle, except for the meta. There will be no hints given for the meta.

After 50 minutes, teams can receive up to 5 more yes/no hints per puzzle.


You only need to submit your final answer to the meta puzzle, Time Machine, for this puzzlehunt. Submit your final answer through any one of the HMMT staff by using the ask for help button in your breakout room, or rejoining the main room.


Click here for the solutions

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